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Hyo, it’s time to go now

Hyo, it’s time to go now

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taeyeon gifs // requested by hey-its-vy

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yuri  colour palette

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Women according to Hyorin

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115/500 Photos of 태연♥

115/500 Photos of 태연♥

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"Tears are falling as if they were dying… The pain of having hearts torn into pieces can no longer be imagined… I pray that no more injuries will arise from now… Praying that a miracle would happen… Praying that it comes urgently… To all the people that became victims of this event… I hope that you are all able to find good (afterlife)… My condolences…"

— Tweet by Seohyun for the victims of the ferry accident in South Korea (trans crdt)

She is such an inspiration…my heart tears as well

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How to be a troll-er like Jessica 

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